What is a motability wav?

Wav basically stands for “Wheelchair Access Vehicles”. With the help of motability wav a wheelchair user can travel either as a driver or a passenger without changing their seat. All kinds of motability wav start as a standard vehicle and then a professional engineering company makes a number of fairly momentous alterations to permit a wheelchair user to way in and remain in their wheelchair when the motor vehicle is moving.

The motability wav are fully fashioned vehicles that are designed in order to meet their customer’s requirements. The motability vehicles comprise all the amazing technologies in order to provide the most appropriate way out to disabled people. The shape, design and size of the WAV will differ depending on the original vehicle used for the alteration and the expert company that has rehabilitated it, but all kind of motability WAVs has easy access and grant protected travelling for the wheelchair user.

Good quality wheelchair accessible vehicles can create a huge diversity to your lifestyle. Factually thousands of disabled people have benefited from the possibility to have their own wheelchair accessible vehicle. The wheel chair accessible vehicles help in providing independence and freedom to individuals and their families.